About Witness

Rapper/ Poet/ Singer/ Songwriter/ Producer/ Author/ Community Enthusiast 

For decades, Shaun “WitNess” Woods has consistently wowed listeners with his unique artistic contributions. 

Musing witty lyricism and distinctive flow patterns with subject matter 
ranging from spirituality to ills that plague impoverished communities and society as a whole causes WitNess to transcend the confinement of genre, title, and/or category. From churches to the poetry community to those connected to street culture, he’s attained international support from all walks of life. 

WitNess is also owner of the multifaceted production company, IMG Nation. He’s a Co-founder of Art 4 Life’s Sake, a platform exclusive to those who aim to preserve the integrity of the arts and up building youth and community. He is also a member of W.O.R.D.(Writers Of Raw Distinction)Society, with members LB The Poet, Ely B, Main Man, T. Walker, King and Kain.